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$5 Adoptable Payment
Untitled by
If I confirm that you are the owner, you must purchase here w/ points (aka, pls don't send me them!)




EDIT: Prices have been lowered.
Hey guys! Long time no see. It's been so long that I've finally become a senior in high school! ;_; I feel so old. So, since I've had troubles getting a job, I thought why not do commissions! I finally have my PayPal set up, so I will be using PayPal for transactions. I will also be using the commission widget for points, as well. Here, 100:points:= $1.00

So what do I have to offer? (Hopefully) good art for relatively cheap prices. I have a big trip I have to save up for for next year at the ed of the school year, a Banquet dress (which is our senior prom essentially), some clothing since I need to redo my wardrobe, and money for other expenses. I realize nobody has money pouring out of their pores, so I don't want these to be a knife in your wallet.

How does this work?
To begin, I start with 5 open slots. If you want one, you send me a note with what you want. Please be as detailed as possible! If you forget anything important I will ask, but remember, if you want me to draw your characters the best I can, I need as many references and details as possible, so don't think you've added too much! Here's a checklist of things to put in the note:
  • What commissions you are asking for
  • Characters for reference/details you want me to know
  • Any questions you have
Once you send me this, I either confirm or decline your offer. If I decline, you can try again for another slot. If I accept, you will take up a spot. I take them in the order from the earliest to latest sent. Payments are not due at the confirmation of commissions, so please DON'T send them then. Payments are due when I confirm your commission and send you the final draft of the sketches. Once the sketches are approved, I will not change them. Unless there is a mistake with the transaction, I do not offer refunds. The reason for this is because PayPal has a fee for receiving money, so you would end up not receiving all of your money and that's a whole other story. I'd rather not get you and myself into that trouble. You must be committed to this. Also, the entire payment is due, not just half. When you need to send the payment, I will send you an invoice on PayPal, so please provide me at that time with your PayPal.
When 5 slots are filled, I will finish those commissions and then reopen them. If they are closed, please don't ask to be put on the reserved list. I usually forget about you, so I don't want to hurt your feelings :c However, if you sent it while they were still open, I will hold a spot for you. 

Next up is criteria for the drawings and such.

:star:Things I will do:star:
  • Girls/Boys/Any gender (I'm better at the feminine end of the spectrum, but we can discuss this)
  • Mild gore (if it doesn't make me want to puke, I will draw it; to know if it does or doesn't, just ask before you order)
  • Real people (I'd rather focus on OCs, so ask me about this; examples of some I'd most likely take: Kpop stars, an iconic look like Lupita's, your gf, etc.)
  • Humans w/ some animal features (ex: cat ears/tail)
  • Some weapons and armor (ask me about this, it will most likely always be a yes though)
  • Design your OC a different outfit/hairstyle/anything (for an extra fee, but we discuss)
  • Some skin (I'm not here to draw boobs jiggling out though. There are other artists for that. I'd like to keep things to a pg-13 when it comes to clothing. I'm not comfortable drawing nude bodies, so please don't ask me to draw your OC with titty tassles and a thong. Thanks)
  • Max of 3 characters per piece (otherwise my computer will probably die lol)
:star:Things I won't do:star:
  • Romantic poses/couples (will do friends, however; 
  • Mecha/Robots/Monsters (
  • Anything I consider to be offensive (I will let you know this)
  • Full blown furries
  • Detailed backgrounds
  • Pixels/Pixel Icons (not this time, at least)
  • Anything else I find that I can't draw to the best of my ability. I'm here to provide art for money, and I want that art to be the best that I can offer, so please know that I have the right to decline your offer if I see that I can't give you your money's worth. I only want to benefit you.

Whew. Ok, so now that that's over with, let's get to the goods:
This is what I'm offering. Sorry, but as of right now prices are non-negotiable. Once I start getting closer to my goal, this will most likely change. But for right now, the prices do not change.
Keep in mind that some of this art is old, but the concept is the same.

  • Simple Chibi: $3 (300:points:) per character
  1. Commex2 by oipster

  • Detailed Chibi: $8 (800:points:) per character (I can make these extra sparkly, ask me about this when ordering if you want)
  1. Custom Gijinka Adopt 1 by oipster
  2. :Comm: UsagiAisu by oipster

  • Bust Full CG (Ribcage/boobs up): $10(1000:points:)
  1. example would be the bust above, but fully lined and colored like the pieces below (sorry I don't have a proper example rn)

  • Halfbody Full CG (thighs up): $16 (1600:points:)
  1.  :Comm: Karitsumi 2 by oipster

  2. :Comm: Karitsumi by oipster

  • Fullbody Full CG: $20 (2000:points:) (I consider these my most popular pieces back when I did commissions a few years ago)
  1. :Comm: lavenli by oipster
  2. :Comm: sockjuice 4 by oipster
  3. :Comm: sockjuice 2 by oipster

  • Custom adoptables: $10~15 (1000~1500:points:) depending on the complexity of the design (you may provide me with a palette, details, themes, leave it totally up to me, or mix and match; it's your choice!)
  1. Dem Shoulders Adopts by oipster
  2. Custom for takuwara by oipster
  3. Moar Adoptables (CLOSED) by oipster

That's all. If you have any other concerns, please don't hesitate to ask. It's better you ask than be confused. I consider myself pretty friendly and open, so I'm here for you! You are also allowed to spread the word of this if you'd like, no need to ask. 
Thanks and have a nice day! :star:



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hi im olivia!!
i like drawing, singing, and acting! also mamamoo's #1 fan
pls feel free to look thru my gallery~




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